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New to CBD ?

New to the world of CBD?

Researched and seen how many options are available? Unsure what product is for you? This blog is designed to help direct you to the right products. Whether you buy from us or elsewhere, we can help show you what products our customers use and what for. We by no means make any medical claims. We are just sharing our own experiences since we opened in 2018.

So, what are the most common ways to use or take CBD?

  • CBD Topicals
  • Tinctures
  • Caspsules/soft gels
  • Gummies
  • Vapes
  • Paste
  • CBD Topicals

At UK CBD Oils, we try and cater for everyone. Our most popular products are our Tinctures, in which we promote the sale of Full Spectrum CBD Oil. Why do we encourage Full Spectrum? A Full-spectrum oil has the Whole Plant Extract.  From our four years in business, we find this gives the most benefits to our customers.  A Full Spectrum Product gives you the Entourage Effect. This term is used to describe the enhanced effects of the cannabinoids, such as CBD, when multiple compounds work synergistically rather than alone. Our products are not refined and are as raw and natural as CBD can come. This means it can be pretty harsh in taste, which is the reason we offer alternative products. One other alternative product is the Pure range CBD Tinctures. These are isolated suspended in MCT Oils, not as harsh tasting but don’t have the benefits like a Full Spectrum Product, but these are also 0 THC for anyone who doesn’t want a product with THC.

CBD topicals- there are so many excellent benefits for using CBD Topicals. CBD can provide anti-inflammatory properties, whether you consumer is orally or applied topically. Many studies show how CBD can help many ailments such as arthritis, nerve or muscle pain. We always advise you to do your research regarding why you want to use these products. CBD Topicals are ideal for helping with such ailments as they can be applied directly to the area of pain/discomfort. At UK CBD Oils, we find most people paring the topical with a tincture gives even more significant benefits. We also know this can seem costly to use CBD, so we have bundle deals available.

At UK CBD Oil, we focus on the Full Spectrum Capsules/soft gels. When taking CBD in the form of a capsule, it takes longer to get into the system, and you don’t absorb the whole product with it passing through the digestive system. We provide high strength capsules at 25mg, so we are getting more significant amounts absorbed at a time. Tablets are ideal if you cannot get away with the harsh taste of a Full Spectrum Oil. Although we try and guide people down the route of tinctures as they are the most cost-effective way to take CBD, we understand not all will be able to take the oil. CBD Capsules are also ideal on the go. I keep saying the Full spectrum Oil does not taste the best. No raw organic CBD should taste nice. We see people asking or wanting a better tasting oil, but we find these oils have been processed more, risking the company losing a lot of the qualities the product has. Here at UK CBD Oils, we want to give you a product that gives you the best results.

Gummies are a stylish way to take CBD, and we offer Full Spectrum or Broad Spectrum. A Broad-Spectrum gummy contains all the plants except the THC.  CBD Gummies are ideal while on the go, or for anyone who does not like the taste of the Oils.  From our experiences since launching in 2018, we have found many people that are opting the CBD Gummies are purchasing for their children or to use with anxiety, sleep. If you look through our reviews on our website, you can see what customers have used CBD for.

CBD Vape juice can enter our body quickly and efficiently due to inhalation. It can produce a calming relaxation effect quickly, so many of our customers using it for anxiety or stress find it has the fastest results. As a company, we only advise vaping if already vaping.

Still struggling or unsure which CBD products are for you? We have our in-house CBD expert Chrissy Louise Foster, available Monday to Friday at 01642 909766. Please give us a call with any questions you may have.
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