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CBD Lab Testing UK

We can offer you full CBD Cannabinoid testing for £70, and this will cover a full cannabinoid test which shows CBD, CBDa, CBDV, CBG, CBGa, CBN, THC, THCa, CBV, plus more. Please contact us on our contact page for more information.

Why are third-party lab reports are needed in the first place?

Since the present-day cannabis industry is largely unregulated, some “manufacturers” and processors of the herb can pretty much get away with whatever they want in terms of how they label their products.

This presents quite the conundrum for the innocent customers or genuine customer who wants to find a good, safe, and effective CBD Product that will help them get the most out of there CBD food supplement.

CBD third-party lab reports are basically a means to provide an unbiased verification of what’s actually in the product that you’re buying. In years past, there have been CBD companies that have received warning letters from the FDA for advertising “CBD” products that were randomly tested to contain practically nothing but hemp oil. When news came of this, it prompted both consumers and the “real” manufacturers alike to demand intensified transparency regarding what’s actually in the product being sold. This is where the third-party labs come in.

( All UK CBD OILS products contain minimum traces of THC that should not show in a drug test )

Why do some of the analyses use the same batch code?

Our extracts yield from the fields in Europe are harvest once a year, the crop is under the same extract. We like to test our products’ consistency to test the same products at random every 2 – 3 months.

HPLC CBD Testing