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Hybrid CBD Oil

Hybrid CBD Oil

Cali CBD Oil

Introducing our Refined Hybrid CBD Oil. We have been busy developing a rich terpene oil, compared to our raw Full Spectrum oil, our Hybrid CBD oil has had the plants chlorophyll, fats and waxes removed to increase the quality of taste. This Hybrid range is imported from the USA.

We would always recommend our full-spectrum CBD extract, however, some consumers cannot adjust to the earthy taste. These are perfect for you if you struggle with the raw taste, these products are a light golden colour and taste very mild nutty hemp tasting oil.

All of our Refined broad-spectrum extracts contain below 0.002% THC levels.

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500mg Broad Spectrum CBD Oil - 0.002% THCRefined golden mild CBD Oil CBD Broad range of cannabinoids, terpenoids and flavonoids (including CBC, CBG, and CBDV) • No pesticides • No herbicides • No heavy metals • No additivesRecommended Use: 10mL – approx 200 drops. (2.5mg per drop) S..
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Hybrid CBD Oil - 1500mg (MCT)
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Hybrid CBD Oil - MCT - 1500mgOur highest strength Hybrid CBD extract contains zero THC.  It is a Cali strain hybrid with a fresh, floral punch with a faint sugary sweetness.10mL - 1500mg Hybrid Cali OilSuggested Use: 10mL – approx 200 drops. (7.5mg per drop) Shake well before every us..
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