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Find how you can improve your sleep

Rise in worry-related sleep was particularly pronounced among mothers, research finds.

The number of Britons suffering sleep loss caused by worrying rose from one in six to one in four as a direct result of the huge disruption to people’s social and working lives after the restrictions began on 23 March.

Social isolation, loss of employment, financial problems, illness, fear of getting infected with coronavirus and the pressures of juggling work and home-schooling all contributed to the trend.

Prof Jane Falkingham, from the Economic and Social Research Council-funded Centre for Population Change at Southampton University, which undertook the research, said: “Sleep loss affected more people during the first four weeks of the Covid-19 related lockdown than it did before. We observed a large increase in the number of Britons, both men and women, suffering anxiety-induced sleep problems.

Recommend Sleep Aid Products

We asked our customers to sample a range of products around 92% of people who took part in our survey had said that their sleep was affecting their daily mental health. We gave a 40 people our Sleep package health box which included a CBD oil, CBD capsules, Hemp tea, facial mist and a lavender bath bomb.

Best Products For Sleep

72% of our customers that took part in our small survey said that our Sleep sensory face & pillow helped them relax and drift off to sleep faster than normal.

90% of the customers that used full spectrum CBD oil one hour before bed found that they would continue to use it as they found it helped them dramatically increase their sleeping time to over 8 hours.

With the feedback we received, we decided to create a bedtime sleep package, which includes a facial mist or pillow mist, with a full spectrum oil.

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