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Yes our CBD laboratory testing is one of the most important parts of our process. Not only does it verify the quality, consistency and contents of our products to us – but critically, it does for you too.

That’s why we use laboratories that are specialists in testing Cannabis products using the best methods available. 

We offer 100% transparency, which is why we display all our laboratory certificates for you to see on our website. If someone is selling Cannabis Oil, CBD or any associated products and can’t provide proof of testing – alarm bells should be ringing.

Find out more on our blog about CBD laboratory tests.

Given the nature of CBD and its changeable influence on the human body, it's almost impossible to determine how it will interact with additional food supplements and medications. While our range of full spectrum CBD products have been fully tested and are known to be safe by themselves, there is always that possibility that they could interact with medicine or a specific course of treatment. So, speak to your doctor before starting CBD supplements into your diet.

We always recommend leaving a two-hour gap between any medicine and full spectrum CBD product.

CBD is a huge topic at the moment, but confusion remains concerning the difference between ‘CBD oil’ and ‘medical cannabis’, especially when it comes to the legality of each ingredient. There have been plenty of news reports about the confiscation of CBD-related products at national borders, but exaggerations in these reports have led to even more uncertainty about what is legal.

To clarify: medical marijuana, can be prescribed by doctors as a licenced product – Sativex is one such example. However, it's illegal for it to be on general sale in the UK. Medical marijuana contains controlled levels of THC, which is the ingredient within the marijuana plant that causes a so-called ‘high’. When medical marijuana is prescribed, it is used to help people with conditions such as MS. 

The reason CBD is often confused with medical marijuana is that a specific brand of CBD, Epidiolex (a product containing concentrated amounts of CBD), has recently been approved as a medicine that can be prescribed by doctors in the USA and Canada, but the UK is yet to follow suit. So, if someone turns up from the USA at the UK border with this type of CBD, it will be seized because it’s not an approved or licensed medicine in Britain. 

The concentration of CBD in Epidiolex is well above that found in CBD nutritional supplements such as UK CBDOils products That’s what differentiates the two products.  And the reason CBD in the form of a nutritional supplement has been legalised in the UK is because it only contains trace amounts of THC, and not enough to cause the ‘high’ associated with marijuana. CBD comes from the hemp plant, which is bred specifically, unlike the marijuana plant, for nutritional purposes. It is completely legal and safe to take.

Full-spectrum CBD contains a wide variety of the cannabinoids found in the hemp plant, plus added vitamins and oils. Isolate CBD is crystallised in texture, while full-spectrum CBD tends to be an oily natural product.

All UK CBD Oil products are full spectrum.

We aim to dispatch all CBD orders received by 3pm the same day Monday to Friday.  ( Friday parcels are guaranteed for Monday ) Delivery time is 1-2 working day's.

We deliver within the European Union, UK and Ireland.

All UK orders are sent by DPD Local or Royal Mail.

We will arrange for delivery of the products you order by the method and to the address which you specify in the check-out procedure.

One of the frequently questioned by people looking to purchase CBD in the UK. The answer is simply no. CBD is the second most well-known compound found in cannabis extracts. The most obvious is the one that delivers users a high sense, is THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). Because our natural Full spectrum CBD extracts contain only an insignificant trace of THC, there are none of the mind-altering properties usually associated with Cannabis plants.

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