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Raw CBD Extract

Natural CBD Extract

CBD Paste is one of the most powerful CBD products obtainable online today. It is a wellness and well-being supplement. Picture a whole Hemp or Cannabis plant, which continues intact and still carries everything that was meant to be in there. All of those utterly balanced Cannabinoids, fatty acids and green goodness material. This is precisely what you are receiving with CBD paste. The paste commonly contains a very high percentage of CBD, and if you link that with the fact that those products are naturally full-spectrum and take advantage of the 'entourage effect', then you have a remarkably potent powerful CBD extract.

How Do You Use CBD Paste?

CBD Paste is extremely easy to use, just like a CBD Oil. Although it is recommended that more experienced CBD users use this product, the paste is such an easy way to get a big portion of CBD quickly. The best way to take this product is by using a small amount (about the size of a pea – depending on intended dose) onto your finger and put it under your tongue, Or by pressing one click of our RX pens you will get an accurate 25mg of paste. Once you have the desired amount you can place the paste under the tongue rather than on top, leaving it under your tongue will allow the CBD to pass directly into your bloodstream; the membranes under the tongue help the CBD to bypass the inefficient metabolism process in the liver.


Cannabinoid Paste may not be to everybody's taste it has an earthy natural flavour.


The Benefits of Organic CBD Paste

All of the advantages affiliated with CBD paste are to do with the Endocannabinoid system (ES) which is responsible for your bodies natural Immune function and defence. The ECS increases the healthy production of cells and the regulation of the bodies primary functions; like healthy cell creation, control of blood temperature and pressure, sleeping and output of hormones in the brain. Cannabinoids, including CBD, arouses the ECS. This is why we can help the symptoms, or improvement of illnesses such as epilepsy, arthritis, chronic disease, anxiety, eczema & psoriasis.

Equalled to oils, CBD pastes carry a much broader spectrum of cannabinoids, including the natural acid structure of CBD named CBDa. CBD or cannabinoid pastes lead to be significantly more efficient were little stretches a long way- this is down to the entourage effect. Countless customers find that the paste is much more cost-effective and serves a lot longer than CBD oil.
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Pure Extract full of all original Lipids, Terpenes, and CannabinoidsA syringe with pump-action: ensuring the same delivery every pumpDiluted with MCT oilSyringe: 10 mlRaw full spectrum CBD Extract is our purest form product, with a maximum potency level of phytocannabinoids.We now offer Raw Ext..
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UK Whole Plant CBD Paste - 1000mg
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CBD Paste UKOur full spectrum CBD paste contains 1000mg, which is an extract achieved within a super-critical CO2 extraction. CBD Paste is rich in CBD & CBDa.This paste is unrefined entirely – it is derived from the flowers only and has a complete nutritional set from the plant, containing many ..
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UK Whole Plant CBD Paste 5ml 800mg
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Unrefined Hemp Extract Syringe is a high quality concentrated raw CBD paste extract, perfect in enabling you to get your everyday CBD dose at home or on the move. Made with naturally derived CBD with combined terpenes.800mg of CBD (30mg per serving)Servings per unit: 25 Simply remove the cap fr..
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