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CBD Oil For Pets

CBD has experienced a lot of success with humans. It’s only natural that pet owners want to know if the same cannabinoid would be ideal for a man’s best friend.

You can view our popular CBD oils below, we are now also a stockist of TRUE HEMP pet treats, which are on offer below. These come in a Calm range and also a hip and joint support.

Can pets use CBD in the UK?

The Veterinary Medicines Directorate (VMD) website states, “As there are currently no CBD products authorised in the UK for veterinary use, only a veterinary surgeon may prescribe human CBD products under the provisions of the prescribing cascade.

Administration of an unauthorised product containing CBD without a veterinary prescription is an offence under Regulation 8 of the VMR. Companies supplying CBD products for human use in line with the requirements of the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency must not indicate or recommend their products for use on animals.”

Is CBD toxic for pets?

There has been no indication that CBD is toxic to dogs or cats. Still, there is a shortage of information surrounding the correct dose and CBD mixes with additional medications.

In America (US), there are many pet CBD brands aimed explicitly at dogs and cats. In the US, You can give your pet CBD oil which is marketed for humans.

According to Dr Kramer from the American kennel club, CBD is also used because of its anti-inflammatory properties, cardiac benefits, anti-nausea effects, appetite stimulation, anti-anxiety impact, and possible anti-cancer benefits. However, there’s no conclusive data on this use.

Buying CBD for Pets UK

If you and your veterinarian decide that you should try CBD as a treatment for your dog, there are a few things to keep in mind when purchasing CBD oil. Not all fats are the same; you’ll want high-quality CBD oil to have a better chance of it working.

Don’t always shop based on price. Higher quality and purity are usually associated with a higher cost. A cheaper option could contain toxic substances such as pesticides, herbicides, or heavy metals.

Make sure your CBD oil is free of additives. Get the lab analysis. The manufacturer should provide a certificate that certifies the amount of CBD that is in the product. Many CBD products contain only small amounts of CBD. You’ll also want to make sure there is little or no THC in the product.

Like our CBD salmon drops, Flavoured CBD oil is perfect for adding your dogs/cats’ favourite treat. It contains zero THC, so it is optimal for animals.

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How could CBD help your pet?

Like humans, cats and dogs have an endocannabinoid system that can benefit from CBD products. A daily intake of CBD could relieve symptoms, ranging from anxiety and stress to chronic inflammation and joint pain.

We are not and do not pretend to be vets, and we are not qualified to offer advice on giving animals CBD. If you seriously consider trying CBD oil with your pet, you need to talk to a vet first. Legally, only your vet can prescribe a legal human CBD product for your pet.

CBD Oil For Dogs?

Many dog owners are using CBD for dogs. However, as stated above, there are no specific CBD products aimed towards Dogs. Some vets do and can recommend CBD oil that is sold for human consumption. 

If you are looking to buy CBD for your dog, be sure to speak with a veterinary surgeon, as some medicines or products can have an adverse effect.

CBD Hemp Oil for Dogs

You may find CBD oil for pets advertised for sale on websites like “Amazon”, which are misleading with titles like “Hemp Oil for Dogs, Cats & Pets | High Strength 15,000mg” these products will generally be cheap but contain hemp oil only. Hemp oil is good for pets as it is rich in omega 3 & 6.

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