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CBD Lemon & Honey Drink

Why not try our CBD blend Lemon / Honey!

Everything you will need: 

1. Lime & Lemons  (Citrus Fruit).
2. Manuka Honey.
3. Full spectrum CBD oil.
4. Boiling Water.
5. A large cup.

Slice half a Lemon & half a Lime in thin slices – add them to a cup.
Add two tablespoons of Manuka Honey to the cup.
Add 6 drops of CBD Oil, fill the cup with boiling water, stir and slowly, and cool slightly.
(Optional) Add grated Ginger & Turmeric.

Get the Nutrients You Need

Not sure if you’re getting enough vitamins and minerals? Ask your doctor or a nutritionist about that.
Don’t overdo supplements. Taking too much can be bad for you.

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