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CBD Dropshipping UK

Do you own an online store or have a large following on social media? CBD Dropshipping could be the perfect way of earning an extra incoming without outlaying money on the products.

We have many people reselling our products from Facebook groups to online stores; we have made it even easier with our new system.

Interesting in Selling CBD Products in the UK?

It couldn’t be easier; all you need to do is sign up for a free dropshipping account.

  • No drop ship fees, No minimum order.
  • Order tracking and customer dispatched notifications.
  • A full range of CBD Products.
  • Upgrade your account to wholesale for even better profits.

UK CBD oils have been offering CBD dropshipping on our products since the day we launched. We look after your best interests and provide as much advice and guidance to support you within the CBD retail.

Our CBD Dropshipping Service

Sell the full range of CBD products without any costs or investment into stock.

If you do not have a facility to hold stock or require wholesale services, using our drop shipping service is perfect for your business.

We will dispatch directly to your customers, saving you both time and money. If you want to include your own marketing material, then we can also discuss this.

We will operate on your behalf. Our service will allow you to openly use our marketing material, including website images, CBD lab results and other marketing material.

CBD dropshipping UK

How CBD Drop Shipping Works?

Once accepted into our CBD dropshipping program, adding our products onto your website/sales platform is made simple.

  • Customer buys something from your website or sales platform.
  • You receive payment to your bank account/merchant services.
  • You log in to your CBD Dropshipping account. Repeat the customer’s order and checkout with the Customers Shipping address.
  • We dispatch your customer’s goods using plain packaging with no information unless you request us. Otherwise, the profits are yours to keep.

To apply for a CBD Dropshipping account.

Click the ready to apply button, and fill out your details.

What Is CBD Dropshipping UK?

CBD Dropshipping UK is a way to satisfy orders without having to invest in buying lots of stock. Instead, when a business sells a product with dropshipping, the item is purchased from a third party (us) and is then shipped directly to the customer. This means that as a seller, you never have to handle the CBD product directly or worry about organising delivery.

This retail model means that the seller doesn’t own or stock any merchandise. Instead, the stock is purchased as you need it.

A drop shipper will need to take the customer’s initial payment and then buy the product at a discount price. Allowing them to keep the profit from the sale.

However, as you may know, selling CBD is easy, with it being the most popular health supplement in 2020! the hard part is finding a suitable payment merchant provider as CBD is generally classed as a high-risk product! We also offer an Affiliate account which basically allows you to send the customers directly to our website with a unique link. This tracks that user. If the customer goes on to buy a product, you will be notified by email and be paid out within 30 days.

If an Affiliate account suites you better, you can find more information here.