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Can CBD face cream help with acne, anti-ageing & other skin issues?  CBD health and beauty, CBD Face Masks, CBD cream, CBD bath bombs and hemp soap are some of our CBD cosmetic range.

CBD Skin Cream 50ml
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CBD Cream for all types of Skin.Our unique CBD Skin Cream is hand-blended with natural plant-based ingredients (vegan friendly). It is a complete CBD cream excellent for all skin types, particularly dry and dehydrated skin.The texture of our bespoke CBD cream is a luxury soft fluffy mousse which rea..
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Aqua CBD Bath Bomb ( Lavender )Contains: 100mg of CBD.Lavender oil is naturally antimicrobial and calming. It balances the skin and scalp and eases sore muscles. The blossoms release a pleasing fragrance that calms the mind and promote restful sleep. Ingredients:Sodium Bicarbonate, Citric Acid,..
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Full Spectrum CBD Cream blended with organic and natural coconut shea butter for a premium and quality feel.After exercise, training, or standing all day, this blend has been designed to help your muscles, and your joints recover. This blend is warming, soothing and deeply penetrates to heat and ..
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French Pink Clay Masks are incredible agents for skin health and rejuvenation.Now, we have merged the power of french pink clay with the advanced benefits of CBD skincare.If you are looking or the best CBD skincare product, you have to try this CBD face mask! Total CBD: 250mg Size/Volume: 50ml Re..
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CBD SoapOur Hemp CBD soap is hand made in the UK using high-quality natural hemp oil, this light soap base refreshes and revives the skin. Leaving a fresh phenomenal moisturising feeling from a high glycerine content which gives you a pleasant skin feel! Hemp Soap could be a valuable asset when i..
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