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UK CBD Oils capsules are a sensible and convenient way to enjoy an accurate dose of full-spectrum CBD in the form of a small and easy to swallow capsule. Our incredibly effective CBD capsules are one of the easiest and most straightforward ways of taking your daily CBD and are a great option for the CBD user who is on the go.

Many of our customers utilise these convenient CBD capsules in the morning after their breakfast and then again at night before they go to sleep. To get the best results from CBD capsules, we advise that you take them after a meal. This allows the capsules to be absorbed efficiently.


CBD Capsules contain Cannabidiol (CBD). They are just like using any other CBD product but have slight advantages due to the accurate dosing and ease of use.

CBD Capsules can come in a range of forms, from pills,  soft gel and hardshell capsules.


UK CBD Oils are dedicated to quality and obsessed with delivering our customers the best CBD products in the world! Beginning with admiration for each hemp plant itself, we only use the best, most natural ingredients possible and pride ourselves on our ability to bring you clean, effective CBD that is completely free of any harmful pesticides or chemicals.

All of our CBD is obtained from industrial hemp that is not genetically modified in any way, 100% naturally grown, and contains deficient levels of THC — so you can enjoy all of the beneficial compounds found in the hemp plant, with none of the haziness or other psychoactive effects that come with THC.

Our CBD capsules are easy, potent, and are made with the best ingredients, so when you reach for your daily CBD, reach for the UK’s best with CBD capsules!


CBD capsules are small capsules that contain CBD oil and are easily swallowed.

They are tasteless and so easy to 

CBD oil tinctures are used by placing a few drops of CBD oil under the tongue.

Unfortunately, not all CBD capsules are vegan & Vegetarian-friendly. We do have our own Vegan-friendly Full Spectrum CBD Capsules with piperine which is available in 30 Capsules (450mg total), or our multi-buy 90, 180 bundles

Our CBD capsules are sold to aid general health and wellbeing and are not sold to improve sleep. All UK CBD Oils products are sold as food supplements.

With that being said, Research does show that CBD has improved sleep. The Medical news today says that early studies indicate that high dosages of CBD may support sleep.

CBD nighttime capsules

CBD capsules are perfect for taking before bed for a relaxing sleep; some customers use CBD capsules to aid sleep. They say it gives them a calming and relaxed feeling and helps promote peaceful sleep. However, this could be a placebo effect as our products are not sold to aid sleep. They are sold as a food supplement to aid your general health and wellbeing.


If you are an individual who doesn’t like the taste of raw Oils or prefers to take CBD orally rather than any other way of CBD intake, then our selection of capsules (above) may be the best answer for you. CBD capsules provide many of the same benefits as CBD oil but remove the potential difficulty of measuring the correct serving size.