The type of food you consume can create a vital variation in the volume of CBD that becomes absorbed into the body. 

It's not uncommon to take some medicines and supplements with food. Sometimes, certain supplements can cause nausea on an empty stomach; in other cases, compounds are more effective when taken at mealtime. With interest in cannabidiol (CBD) increasing, consumers interested in trying CBD products are questioning how is it best to consume CBD, including whether or not to take it with food.

Research into compounds and how CBD reacts when taken with a meal has found that cannabidiol is much more effective and higher bioavailable when paired with food. The type of food chosen with CBD also has an impact on its efficacy.

'A recently published medical study carried out by the University of Minnesota looked at a small group of 8 epilepsy patients taking full-spectrum CBD capsules. One group took their CBD on an empty stomach, the other took CBD with a high-fat breakfast, with researchers then drawing blood and comparing samples. After two weeks, the groups switched with researchers continuing to monitor blood. The study found that CBD taken with food, specifically a high-fat meal, increased absorption and availability. The team found that there was four times the amount of CBD in patients who ate a high-fat breakfast versus those who took CBD while fasting. '

CBD paired with other phytonutrients, drastically impacts its efficacy.