CBD oil can help with your health and wellbeing because of the way it nourishes your endocannabinoid system (ECS). Vital to its effectiveness is the full range of compounds present in the low-THC cannabis plants from which it is extracted. This is why it is vital always to choose full spectrum CBD oil rather than isolates or purified CBD.  All UK-CBDOils products contain full spectrum oils. 

The ECS consist of receptors, endocannabinoids and enzymes.  The enzymes are responsible for the production of endocannabinoids which are tiny quantities of an oily substance that attach to the receptors or affect the way in which the receptors behave. Enzymes are then also involved in the way endocannabinoids decay and disperse. 

Endocannabinoids are cannabinoids produced internally, within the body. That’s what the prefix ‘endo’ means.  They’re called cannabinoids because when they were first discovered in the late 1980s, scientists noticed how similar they were to the oily substances produced by the cannabis plant.  We now call cannabinoids produced by the cannabis plant phytocannabinoids, the prefix ‘phyto’ meaning plant.

This should give you your first insight into why the cannabis plant can have such an important effect on your health. It’s remarkable that nature has developed this plant that can supplement, perhaps even replace or substitute for substances that you produce internally and which are vital to your health.

Receptors are best thought of as membranes within cell walls which cannabinoids attach to.  They are present throughout the body but particularly in the brain, the gastrointestinal system and the immune system.  They affect a whole range of bodily functions such as pain, mood, memory, inflammation and many more.

 The main cannabinoid in CBD oil is, of course, cannabidiol or CBD. Strangely, it does not actually attach to the cannabinoid receptors that we know of at present but it affects the way other cannabinoids do.  This is why consuming CBD can affect the way endocannabinoids behave.  In fact, more and more scientists now believe that there is a cannabinoid receptor that we haven’t yet discovered to which CBD does attach but we’ll have to wait for further research to learn more about this.

As you can see, the ECS is tremendously complex and we’ve only just touched on the basics of it here.  More and more research is taking place and it is now recognised as being one of our most important physiological systems, probably because it affects so many other systems, bodily and mental functions.  One eminent America doctor describes its discovery as the most important advance in medical science since the sterile surgical technique. 

Fortunately, nature has sorted this all out for us with the cannabis plant.  It contains so many compounds, probably more than 500 in a total of which perhaps 120 are different cannabinoids.  Incredibly, so far we’ve only discovered two endocannabinoids, so you can see the tremendous potential the plant has to affect both your body and mind.

Whichever UK-CBDOils product you choose, oil drops, e-liquids or cream you are choosing full spectrum oil.  It will provide the maximum possible benefit, nourishing your ECS just like vitamins and minerals nourish other aspects of your health.  Eat well, exercise regularly, get lots of good quality rest and take your daily CBD supplement.  This is the path to a healthy and happy life