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The UK's Best CBD Affiliate Program

Earn a high income and take control of your career with this opportunity from UK CBD Oils. We offer a 15% payout on all leads you produce, you will be paid each month directly into your bank account.

Influencer CBD Affiliate Program

This is perfect if you are a Blogger, YouTuber, Tiktoker, Instagram, Twitter or Facebook influencer or grasp your way around social media, you can put these skills towards forming an ample revenue from home. All you have to do is promote/advertise our products to your followers, friends and family and you will earn money, while you help others improve their general health and wellbeing.


We are giving this profitable chance of selling our unique CBD products, which are already in high demand, without any investment ever.


All you have to do is sign up for CBD UK affiliate programme. You will have access to your control panel to track and watch your money grow. You will be given your unique link which will be specific to your affiliate account, and you will be able to share your link and generate sales.

You will earn a commission for every customer who makes purchases from your unique link. Sit back and relax we will deliver the CBD products, and you will get paid 15% commission for every eligible referral, excluding shipping costs.

Does it cost anything to join your affiliate program?

No, This is opportunity is absolutely free there is nothing to lose by joining our CBD program.
Promote Your Link
Share your unique affiliate link to your audience.
Earn Money
Earn 15% on each sale you generated visible on your dashboard.
Payment Arrives
If the customer repeats an order you get paid again.

UK CBD Oil Affiliate Program

Why affiliate with UK CBD Oils?

We ensure all our UK affiliates receiving their commission by using cookies. After your referral visits our website, our cookies will track when they return if they don’t make the purchase straight away. Once they do buy from us, you’ll receive your referral commission.
You have access to our third-party tracking software, so you always know how many sales you have made and how much you’ve earned.
We provide high-quality products with competitive pricing on premium products, ensuring that you can offer the best products available in the UK for the best prices.

How much will you earn?

There is no limit on the amount you can earn by becoming an affiliate with us, our top paid affiliate is currently making over £2000 each month!
If you got one single sale from your post/blog for one of our popular 15% Full spectrum CBD oil you would receive over £10 per unit.

Please note we are not a pyramid MLM scheme.

Sign up for our CBD Affiliate program here.

Affiliate Frequently Asked Questions

You simply enrol in the program. When you are approved, you will receive a special link assigned to you. When you refer people to using your link, you will be paid 15% of any purchases made.

We are looking to work with people who want to join us to spread the word about CBD Hemp products and who will be positive brand influencers for our premium CBD brand. We do not accept the non-niche coupon, toolbar or PPC affiliates.